Friday, July 29, 2011

My sister's BORSCH

My sister stayed with us for 4 weeks, and kept talking about making a borsch pretty much the whole time she was here. Personally, I LOVE borsch soup, only it takes about 1 hour to make it (though actually it is pretty simple). Since we were busy almost every day, we kept putting it off. Finally, this past Thursday (her last day in Canada), she did make it for us!!!

So, here's the promised to you a while ago, the much anticipated recipe of the BORSCH as we make it :))) We'll call it a Belarusian borsch as a Russian recipe usually includes an addition of cabbage.
(Note: wikipedia calls it Borscht)

A dollop of sour cream makes this a perfect lunch meal!
* Beets (of course!)
* Carrots
* Potatoes
* Onions
* Pork or beef, your choice; or skip it all together if you're a vegeterian (we used pork)
* Tomato
* Sweet pepper (we had red laying around, so that's what we used)
* Green onion
* Salt & pepper to taste
* Any other spices that you like


1. Gather up your ingredients; chop/grate everything the way you want.

2. Put a large pot of water to boil and add your choice of meat; shortly after throw in potatoes.

3. While the meat + potatoes are cooking, fry up carrots and onions till golden.

4. Throw fried up onions + carrots + beets into the pot and let everything boil for a bit (with lid closed).

5. Once again, while your soup mixture is boiling, fry up bell pepper and tomatoes; then add them to the pot.

6. Let everything boil a little longer; remove from heat and let it cool a bit. Add a dollop of sour cream and ENJOY!

NOTE: the amount of each ingredient depends on how much you like each thing, and how runny/thick you like your soup :)


  1. Hi Nadia!! SO happy I stumbled upon this blog as I was looking for a Borscht recipe. This is awesome..thank you!!

    P.S. The kids are ADORABLE! :)

  2. I'm glad you found it useful!
    It's super easy to make too :D

  3. At what step in the process do you add the beets? I didn't see them appear in the steps...

  4. Oops, I guess I forgot to note that. Thanks for pointing that out! Add the beets in in step 4, when you put your fried up veggies in.