Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yup, MORE jam!

If you thought that I done jammin' you were wrong! He-he... :)
Zucchinis keep growing, which means I have to keep doing something with them (other than eat them right away, like I said I don't want to eat zucchini-something every day!).

This time I made zucchini jam with................ KIWI! That's right, kiwi! Only this time I photographed a step by step procedure for you so I dare you to try making this jam.

* Kiwi - used about 700 g (peeled and chopped)
* Zucchini, of course - used about 600 g (peeled and grated)
* Sugar - 1.3 kg
Note: basically, what you're trying to have is 1:1 with you fruit total to sugar.


1. Obviously wash your fruits and veggies; peel them and remove any other soft spots.

2. Chopped your kiwi whichever way you like; I'm thinking that I didn't have to make them so small, but could have even left half-circles in (I mean, kiwi is so soft that it'll cook in no time anyway!).

3. Grate (or just chop) zucchini - drain some of the water from it!

4. Now mix and weight your kiwi + zucchini (mix it in the pot that you'll be cooking them in). Add the same amount of sugar - just pour it over the mixture evenly.

5. Cover with paper towel and let it sit on the counter/stove overnight. In the morning, you should see most (if not all) of the sugar dissolved and there'll be quite a bit of liquid in the pot.

6. Bring the mixture to boil on low heat, stirring now and again; remove from heat and leave for about 12 hours.

7. Repeat step 6. and leave until morning.

8. In the morning, bring to boil for the third and final time and cook on low for about 45 minutes; again, don't forget to stir, otherwise it'll burn!

9. Make sure you have sterilized jar and lids and that they are dry (important! - otherwise, your jam will become sour). Let the jam cool completely before transferring it into the jars (we don't want condensation).

The amounts I used yielded about 1.5 L of jam.


*** Quick update: it doesn’t have to be that time consuming! :) Cooking it more than once just brings out better and richer flavour. You CAN just cook it once and then skip steps 7 and 8. Just make sure that you poar the jam into sterilized jars while it’s still hot, which will seal your lids properly (otherwise, you should refrigerate the jars that didn’t seal to save your jam from spoiling). Hope this helps! Happy jammin’ :)

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