Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year 2012

Wow!... I cannot believe we've entered 2012 already!... It feels like 2011 just flew by me, so many things happened: family visits, baby turning 1, getting back to work, getting my driver's licence, doing a little bit of traveling, etc.

Every year we make resolutions for the new year. Last year I vowed to rid of at least one of my credit cards. Sadly, that did not happen... :( So this year I will try this once again, fingers crossed that I will accomplish it this year. Another things I would like to try is Project 52 - it's sort of like Project 365 (or I guess 366 since this is a leap year), but this is a mini, a photo for each week. The reason I like this idea is because it'll probably require a lot less commitment :) We'll see how it goes, I guess!

Since we just got back from our trip to Jamaica, I'll end this post here, but stay tuned for what I'm hoping will be a great overview of all things Jamaican (including a few tips about the resort we stayed at).

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