Monday, April 23, 2012

Mom's cabbage salad

My mom makes this easy salad that goes great as a side to any supper (or lunch, or by itself). I love it so much that while my mom is here for a visit, I got her to make this salad 5 times already (that's in 2 weeks!).

Anyways, it's really simple, but my friend Di asked me to write it down, so here it is:

* Cabbage (half of the head would do)
* Tomatoes
* Cucumbers
* Garlic (optional, but does give it a bit more flavour)
* Onion (optional)
* Olive/vegetable/canola oil (any oil would do)
* Herbs such as dill, parsley, or any other thing you like
* Salt & pepper to taste
- amounts depend on your particular taste
- another option: sweet bell peppers, though we didn't use any

1. Shred the cabbage like you would for coleslaw.
2. Cut up tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.
3. Chop garlic (we cheat and use the freeze-dried stuff).
4. Mix everything, throw in any additional herbs, salt & pepper; add in some oil.
5. Mix well and ENJOY!

To add more colour to your dinner table, you can use red cabbage instead of white (though it's got a bit tougher leaves):


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  1. Mmmm - thanks for posting Mom's recipe. It looks delish and better yet, so simple to prepare. I'll be sure to try it this week.

    Anonymous simply because I couldn't figure out any other way of posting a comment! Yah, I'm still technologically challenged.