Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our trip to Lake Placid, NY - Our Hotel

As promised, I'm going to tell you a little bit about our trip to Lake Placid, NY that we took over the long weekend of Labour Day!

We started out on the high: things were packed in advance and we actually left on, if not before, the time tha we were planning. The drive was smooth until we merged onto the Hwy 417 and stopped... for an hour and a half!... because some dummy rear-ended an OPP cruiser pulled over on the shoulder. Anyways, apparently there were no fatalities and after a long-ish detour we were back on course to the Canada-US border.

We eventually got to our hotel, tired and hungry, at around 5 pm. Let me tell you, the hotel was beautiful!!!

We stayed at Crowne Plaza Resort & Golf Club on top of the hill. Yes, it's pricier than other places in town (there are TONS of places at Lake Placid) - 2 nights here would've paid for 3 nights somewhere else - but we thought it was worth it!

Let me share some photos of this place:

The Great Room
The entrance provides a nice view of the lake (Mirror Lake that is) and the montains. It's truly beautiful and  puts you at ease; you just know that this will be a great vacation!

Their lounge (photo on the right) has both indoor seating and an outdoor area were you CAN bring out food & drinks. It faces the same lake view as well.

This hotel/resort has rather large grounds and a wide variety of rooms - it's a bit funny how they basically just "attached" different buildings together, but the outcome resulted in a huge grass field in front, which is great for kids to run around as it's fairly flat. We also saw a few couples take their wedding shots there because the background is the lake view again (can you tell I liked the view?!)

 We had a Traditional, 2 Queen Beds, Lakeview room (with a balcony):
We were on the third floor (of the 4-floor building) and it suited our needs perfectly: we had a mini fridge, microwave, an LCD HDTV, a big (and sturdy) table where our daughter was able to eat and draw. The bathroom was of excellent size as well. I've read comments that their A/Cs are too loud - yes, they look old... But we travelled in September, so we had no need of either heat or the A/C to be on while we were in the room.
(So you might motice that one of the beds does not appear to be made up nicely because this photo was taken upon our departure... I made the bed quickly for this shot)

And again, here's THE LAKEVIEW from our balcony:
Isn't it awesome?! And notice how tidy the grounds are!

Okay, now... you might read some complaints from people about this huge hill that you have to climb to get to the hotel... IT IS TRUE (read my "spin" on this below):
However, (i) think of it as a small exercise to shake off that dinner you just gobbled in the city below AND (ii) how do you expect to have a great view of the lake and the mountains without sitting a bit higher? And it's not like you'll be lugging bags and bags of stuff up the hill... Anyways, I think that the location of this place has been chosen perfectly! (note that it was mmy hubby pushing the stroller up the hill, he-he :P)

Finally, on of the most beautiful things for me was the abundance of flower at the hotel. Our daughter just LOVED them! She had to touch and smell everything (she WAS gentle):
We also took advantage of their pool and a jacuzzi, but did not visit their golf course (kind of hard with a 2-year-old), but apparently it was remodeled by Alister MacKenzie, who designed Augusta National that is the home of the Masters.

Coming up next, I will tell you about our drive up Whiteface Mountain.



  1. Looks like you all had the perfect getaway :)

    Your daughter is completely adorable with those bright blue eyes!

  2. Nice article and I must say you have a beautiful little princess who seems to have enjoyed this trip:)
    She has beautiful eyes!!

    1. Thank you! And she did,she's become quite a little traveler :)