Friday, October 25, 2013

Last days of autumn

This is my 15th autumn in Canada (wow... it felt weird writing that, AS IF it's been that long already!), and think this was by far the best fall weather I've experienced here. I figured it wouldn't last long, so we might as well enjoy it a little. Armed with my favourite possession, my camera, we headed just a short drive away to Gatineau Park a few weeks ago.

The colours on the hills and in the valley were breathtaking! We took a ski lift up & down (well, actually we thought of hiking down, but only mountain bikers could get off the lift at the top). Here are some photos for your enjoyment!
View from the ski lift

at Belvedere Lookout

Along the hiking trail at Champlain Lookout

When in Gatineau Park, I recommend stops over at Champlain, Belvedere and Pink Lake lookouts (all free of charge) as well as a visit to MacKenzie King Estate (this one isn't free, but it's absolutely worth it!).


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