Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh Summer Salad

A few people were over having supper with us the other day and I made a simple salad that I think goes well with on a side of anything. It's packed with fresh veggies and herbs, dressed with simple oil and it just delicious. I was asked how to make it and I didn't even think about because it's SO easy! I swear to you that this is probably the easiest salad you'll ever make.


* Romaine lettuce (I guess you could use other leafy salad, but I prefer the goodness of Romaine; one head should be good for 4 people)
* Tomatoes
* Cucumbers (when I used the ones from our garden, I shaved off some of the skin because it was just too rough)
* Bell pepper (any colour, and it's optional)
* Fresh/ dried herbs, depending on the season, of course (any and all of you favourites though I like to stick to dill, chives and parsley)
* Onion
* Garlic (fresh, dried or powder)
* Oil (olive or sunflower)
* Salt & pepper to taste


1. Wash & chop all of the ingredient to the desired size.
2. Toss with all and serve.


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