Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ready? Set... Cook!

Okay, so before I forget. I was going to share this with you awhile ago, but you know how it is sometimes - good thoughts come around at oddest of times; mine usually when there is no computer around.

A few months ago I realised that I'm sort of obsessed with buying cookbooks. Most with pictures, some without. I've got about 7 of them now, different topics, of course, but all interesting in their own rite. I have vowed to make at least 1 recipe from each of the books, and so far so good!

My latest acquisition came from Costco (and let me tell you, it's probably the best place to buy books if you're not looking for something in particular cause their selection always changing!). It's name is Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

I've watched the show by the same name and at times was disgusted and even angry at the way some people eat and even worse, let their children follow. I grew up eating homemade meals every day AND it was all Russian cuisine! Mmm, delicious! I don't know how my mom found the time to do all of that, having 2 jobs and 2 kids to raise by herself, but she did it somehow. Now, living in Canada, I'm realising that some many people here are missing out on some many great possibility when it comes to food. Pizza, McDonald's and other fast food joints were never a part of our diet. Actually, the first McDonald's opened in Belarus in 1996! And it ain't that popular...
Okay, so back to Jamie's book. My husband is Canadian, so his tastes and mine a somewhat different (to say the least!). He is the pizza-fries-and-coke kind of guy. Me, I eat whatever and will try almost any kind of food (my thought is - what if I like it?!). Keeping that in mind, I flipped through the main course section of the book and picked to do Jamie's Good Old Chilli Con Carne. The prep wasn't as tedious as I thought it was going to be. And after the first 15-20 minutes, you just leave it mixing occasionally.
RESULT: the house smelled delicious, the chilli turned out great AND more importantly, my husband took seconds!!! Also, since I got pregnant, I just can't stand the smell of ground beef cooking or eating it. This chilli was totally different - I loved it. Oh, quick tip though - the recipe portions don't seem like a lot, but it made SO MUCH chilli, it lasted us for almost 4 days (I was taking some for lunch too)!
So, I hope you'll check out the book. Oh, and I'll be sure to take a picture next time.
Happy Cooking! :)

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