Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby books

A while back my Miss V and I went for one of our walk to the mall. We went to check out what deals they had at out local Chapters. I found a beautiful board book (large format) with colourful jungle animal in it and lots and lots of fun stuff to look at.

Cost of the book? Only $7.99 + tax, which IS cheap! Believe it or not, books for babies cost an outrageous amount without containing much information (although, I guess looking at shapes, bright colours, letters and numbers would be considered NEW information for babies, he-he).

When I originally bought the book I didn't pay much attention to its back cover. Well, yesterday I did look at it... Like most other books, it listed the price of the book in US and Canadian dollars.

Okay, so $9.99 in the US. But what does "slightly higher" mean for Canadian consumers? I thought it was pretty funny! Maybe the price of this particular book is negotiable, eh? Bring on the good ol' haggling!!!

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  1. I have this one too! But Leo seems to mostly like the ones with REAL photos of animals in it, not drawings.