Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Veggies Garden: Year 2

Some of you might remember our first attempt at gardening last year: Veggie Garden: Year 1

This year is no different! Of course, we decided to change things up a bit - a bit less tomatoes, different types of cucumbers rather than all "English", no cabbage (it got eaten by slugs last season!).

First, the customary BEFORE photo:
And here's the collage of the AFTER shots:

What did we plant?
  • tomatoes (red and yellow, big and small)
  • sweet peppers (various colours) 
  • hot peppers (lots! and a variety)
  • cucumbers 
  • eggplant
  • green zucchini
  • lettuce
  • sweet peas
  • celery
  • apple mint, and
  • sweet basil 
~ Sweet basil: looks so yummy, I want to eat it now! ~
Some of the herbs I planted last year came back, yay! - parsley, dill, mint, cat nip, caraway, tarragon, asparagus, and chives (the latter actually didn't grow last year, but popped up now!).

Finally, we planted one carton of watermelon (those little black squares of plants). It's so tiny right now that all the space we alloted for it seems wasted. Here it is as of yesterday:
~ Watermelon space ~
 And up close :)

Will we be eating home-grown watermelons this summer? Technically, we could; it's hot enough here and if we don't get a flood of rain this summer, maybe we would...

Stay tuned for our progress!

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