Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Milestones: 8 months old

Once again, the 24th of the month comes around and I cannot believe my baby girl is another month older!...

And she's learned so many things already!
Let's run through the list:
  • turns towards sounds and voices
  • recognized her own name
  • uses voice to express joy and displeasure
  • babbles, laughs and squeals with delight
  • plays with her hands and feet
  • rolls over in both directions
  • sits without support with good balance when sitting, can shift positions without falling
  • crawls well with belly off the ground (started out by going backwards first)
  • goes from crawling to sitting position without help
  • pulls herself to standing 
  • stands while holding onto something (this is her new favourite thing!)
  • drags objects toward herself, reaches for toys that are out of reach
  • passes objects from hand to hand
  • uses raking grasp, starting to develop pincer grasp
  • explores new objects by poking with one finger 
  • interested in mirror images, smiles at herself in a mirror
  • shows preference for certain people and toys
  • exhibits a definite reluctance toward strangers, clings to a parent, resists separating from familiar adult (stranger anxiety)
  • starting to clap her hands (still not well, but trying)
  • drinks from a sippy cup, but prefers a real glass
Believe it or not, this girl hasn't cut a tooth yet. That's right, there are NO TEETH in that mouth!!! All we have is her crankiness associated with teething and buckets of drool.

What she loves to do more than anything is her silly faces! :))) Such a cutie!