Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Public Transit Etiquette

Majority of people around the world use public transit (if available, of course). The city of my origin Minsk, Belarus, has an excellent transit system, which does not compare to those in North America... Hands down! Everytime I come back from Belarus I feel cheated in Ottawa, where the charge definitely outweighs the service I receive.

Majority of people using public transit in Ottawa have no clue about how to behave to make the ride pleasant for every passenger. Here are some of the "rules":

- You only paid for one seat, so use one! Don't flop your bag next to you like you're entitled to something (and some only move it after being prompted, sometimes more than once!).

- People - MOVE TO THE BACK!!! If you prepare for your stop in advance, other people will let you off the bus. C'mon already! Just this morning 3 people were let standing in the cold because the bus driver thought the bus was full. Well, the back was empty! And that's just irritating since all of us have places to go.

- Respect priority seating - that applies more to the younger generation that continue to sit there with their iPods in their ears pretending to be "sleeping". Give that old lady/gentleman your seat!

These are some main points that all of us public transit users could improve on. Maybe then we would feel that our transit system is actually worth the $100 we pay every month...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warm bowl of soup on a cold winter day

I have been following one particular blog for a while - Closet Cooking (see Blogs I Read on the left).

Yesterday, totally by chance, I wondered onto this one recipe that intrigued me: the Spinach, White Bean and Turkey Sausage Soup. I thought, hmm - spinach, bean & turkey sounds like one healthy combination! And in line with a promise I made to myself on New Years (I refuse to call in "resolution!) - being a little selfish in eating only those foods that I get something out of. In addition, given that I live in Canada, having a hot bowl of soup ona cold winter day is just what the doctor ordered :)

Needless to say that this recipe was easy to follow, only took about 25-30 minutes (and that includes preparation!), and it tastes delicious. I even took a photo of my soup - it looks just like the presentation. I'm proud of this little achievement and plan on expanding my cooking horizons further. With every successful recipe, a little confidence is gained :)

And what have you done lately?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's try this again, shall we?

Yesterday I once again decided to start blogging. I don't even know how long this urge to write will last... Because blogging is sort of like keeping a journal (and sharing it with the world), which I have never been able to do. Only with blogging there are advantages too, I guess. Venting and ranting, for one.

So this is what I'll do, at first at least. Airing out my frustrations can, after all, be theraputic :))) And, of course, when better thoughts come over, I'll share them there as well.

Well, world, I present you with the beginning of my blogging journal.