Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cherry Bomb Jello Shot

Past weekend, we finally had an adult party at our house, which to me means LOTS OF BOOZE, he-he :) Of course, there's your usual selection of beer, wine and hard liquor to mix with various juices... BUT I wanted something fun! Like the good old days when parties had jello shots, remember?! Also a kick-ass punch (stay tuned for that one).

I scoured the Internet in search for a perfect recipe... Finally, I came across 2, which I sort of combined (they had different quantities of ingredients, and only one of them had instructions)... Anyways, here is it!

Cherry Bomb Jello Shot

* 1 cup of vodka
* 1 cup of Red Bull
* 1 package of cherry Jello
* Marashino cherries with a stem

1. Heat the Red Bull in the microwave (about 2 minutes, hot enough for the powder to dissolve)
2. Mix in the jello powder till it's dissolved.
3. Add vodka and mix again.
4. Pour out into the little plastic shot glasses and drop a cherry into each one (the stem is your wick!).
5. Leave in the fridge overnight & enjoy!

*** This should make approximately 3 douzen of shots (depending on the size of your shot glasses, of course).


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