Monday, February 28, 2011

How did I become the "Hat Lady"?

So I'm perfecting the art of making hats, he-he :)
Here are some of my latest creations:

25% wool, should be warm enough :)

100% cotton w/ interchangeable ribbon for the summer

Monday, February 21, 2011

I gave him my heart ;)

It's been cold over here before Valentine's Day so we couldn't go for a walk to get something for husband/daddy. So I crocheted and gave him my heart :)

We'll be putting it on our Xmas tree this year (his suggestion)!
: )

Crocheted hats

Since I've been able to revive my knowledge of crocheting, I figured that making a baby hat for a gift is more personal and, hopefully, touching. So here are my two latest creations - a hat for baby M and a hat for baby J (with 3 little flowers):

Hats are ready for decorations

All done :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby's first foods

 When my little Miss V turned 4 months old (2 weeks ago) I started contemplating whether I wanted to start giving her the first tastes of solid foods. I decided to start with homemade apple puree. It actually went well - although she made a face at her first "bite", she was grabbing my hand and is starting to realize that she has to open her mouth when the spoon come at her, he-he : )))

So since it's been almost 2 weeks, I figured she's ready for her next fruit/vegetable. My next choice? Carrots. But I choose baby carrots because I find them to be sweeter than "regular" carrots. I also decided to mix the carrot puree with the apple to make the mix sweeter and tastier (steamed, pureed and no sugar added!). Personally, I think it tastes GREAT! And look how much puree 1 apple and 80 g of carrots made! 2 weeks worth!

Besides the fact that it's natural and homemade (gives me control over the preparation method and I know that nothing else was added), it's also cheap. Love it!

80 g of baby carrots + 1 "Red & Delicious" apple
Made purees ready to be mixed
apple + carrots (about 1:1)
2-week supply!